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Create Value, Improve Quality of Life – this is our CSR vision, which is based on our belief that CSR will create long-term value for our customers, partners, investors, employees and community. At the same time, this business approach improves the quality of life in our workplace as well as the local community and the world at large.

Please click on the respective link below to learn more about Great Eagle’s CSR initiatives in each area:


CSR Management

To enable our Group to take responsibility for CSR impacts of our decisions and activities and to integrate CSR throughout the organisation, we have established the CSR Steering Committee. The Committee comprises members from the Board and management from key areas of the Group, serving as a senior level working group for setting CSR policy and strategy.

The Committee has established a Group CSR Policy which provides a robust framework and direction to implement CSR and embed CSR into our organisational culture. As CSR encompasses a wide array of subjects, the Committee is also responsible for identifying material issues which require managing actions. Through stakeholder engagement and risk assessment, material issues are identified and a CSR strategy is developed to enable the Group to focus our efforts on these issues.

Workplace Quality

We are dedicated to adhering to all anti-discrimination laws and encouraging a diverse workforce. Our Equal Opportunity Policy ensures that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged by sex, race, pregnancy, disability, marital status or family status when applying for a position with the Group or during employment.

The Group relies on talented and committed professionals to operate its array of businesses. In order to attract and retain such professionals, the Group provides:

Corporate and vocational trainings to staff of all levels
A performance management system to appraise employee performance and identify their training needs
Wellness classes in, for example, tai chi, dancercise and cooking to promote a healthy work-life balance among employees
Recreational events, such as company picnic and annual Christmas party, to facilitate staff to know each other and promote team spirit

It is critical that our staff work in a safe and healthy environment. In this vein:

The Group’s Hotel Division and Property Management Division implement occupational health and safety (OH&S) management systems
A safety committee is formed at each property and hotel under the Group’s management
(OH&S) training tailored to particular work environments is provided to frontline staff
(OH&S) statistics are tracked and reported to senior management on a monthly basis. If necessary, appropriate rectifying measures are taken in a timely manner

Environmental Protection

The Group is committed to complying with all environmental legislation and keeping the carbon footprint of our operations to a minimum. We ensure that all significant impacts of our operations on the environment are identified and appropriately managed.

To embed green into our organisational culture, the CSR Steering Committee has established the Green Champion Working Group. The working group is formed by nominated Green Champions from business units/departments to share and learn green practices from each other and in turn spread the best green practices to all of the colleagues.

The Group’s Hotel Division has established the “Guests of the Earth” and “Green Team” programmes which promote active participation, learning and awareness of environmental protection for hotel guests and staff. The Hotel Division also partners with the EC3 Global EarthCheck Programme which offers a credible independent auditing and monitoring service. Environmental initiatives being implemented in the hotels include:

Retrofit of energy efficient lighting
Installation of photo-sensors to control outdoor lighting
Installation of low/dual flush toilets
Installation of in-room recycle bins

The Group has long committed to keeping the environmental footprint of our properties to a minimum, both during the initial design and construction phases, as well as throughout the life of the building. The HK-BEAM (Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method) Society has certified two properties owned and/or managed by the Group – Great Eagle Centre and Langham Place Office Tower – even awarding the latter the Society’s highest “Excellent” rating.

The Group’s Property Management Division has obtained ISO 14001 certification. Below are a few of the many environmental initiatives undertaken at properties under the Group’s management:

Installation of LED light fittings
Installation of green roofs and green walls
Retrofit of low flow water faucet for wash basin
Providing tenants an Occupier’s Guide for Design to encourage them to be environmentally-aware in their designs and operations

We strive to promote best practices in environmental excellence and exchange knowledge amongst the top CSR leaders. We support and participate in:

Business Environment Council
Hong Kong Green Building Council
World Wildlife Fund for Nature Hong Kong

Operating Practices

The Group is committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards. All employees are given a Code of Conduct to which they are required to adhere. The Code explicitly prohibits employees from soliciting, accepting, or offering bribes or any other form of advantage. The Code also outlines the Group’s expectations on staff with regard to conflicts of interest.

We recognise through leadership and monitoring along the supply chain such that our Group can promote adoption and support of fair operating practices. To guide this CSR aspect in our supply chain more systematically and demonstrate how such aspect accords with our Group CSR Policy, the Supply Code of Conduct has been established. The Supplier Code of Conduct addresses CSR aspects on business integrity, human rights, health & safety, environmental protection and so forth.

The Group believes in providing the very best service to consumers – whether they are guests at the Group’s hotels, or tenants/shoppers at properties under the Group’s management. Below are a few of the many initiatives we undertake to serve our consumers:

Quality management systems are in place in our owned and or/managed properties and hotels
Questionnaires are regularly sent to hotel guests and tenants of properties under our management so that they can provide feedback
Complaints are recorded and reviewed to prevent recurrence of incidents

Community Involvement

Our community involvement strategy focuses on three thematic areas - Arts, Children Education, and Environmental Protection:

We believe arts is important to Hong Kong as a world class city. Arts could enrich the daily lives of the people and promote social progress and cultural development
We believe that Hong Kong’s future relies heavily on the next generation. Children in preschool education and kindergarten, in particular, are in their prime period to learn and acquire knowledge. We strive to sponsor projects which start nurturing children in their early ages
Environmental protection is a subject which is essential to our organisational culture and it should be extended to the community at large. To meet this end, we are committed to involving the community in shaping a healthy and pleasant environment

Based on the themes, we partner with non-profit organisations to design a few deserving projects in these areas. We believe by focusing all of our philanthropic resources – financial, volunteer, and in-kind – on these projects, we can engender greater social impact. We have partnered with, for example, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Playright Children’s Play Association and Green Monday.

CSR Awards

In recognition of the Group’s CSR efforts, our company and subsidiaries have been honoured by the following awards:

Green Council - Green Management Award
The Environmental Campaign Committee - Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
The Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management - Excellence in Facility Management Award
The Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management - HR Excellence Awards
Hong Kong Management Association - Quality Award
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service - “Caring Company” logo

CSR Reporting

Our CSR activities and performance data are recapped annually in our CSR Report, which is included in the Annual Report. Please click this link to assess the latest and previous reports.

Tax Strategy

Financial year ended 31 December 2016

This document sets out the approach of Great Eagle Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (“the Group”) in managing its own tax affairs. Its publication is regarded as satisfying the statutory obligation under paragraph 19(2), Schedule 19 of the UK Finance Act 2016.


The Group is committed to comply with tax laws and practices in the countries where it operates. Compliance means paying the right amount of taxes in the right place at the right time and involves disclosing all relevant facts and circumstances to the tax authorities and claiming reliefs and incentives where available.

Tax Planning

In structuring commercial activities, the Group will consider – among other factors – the tax laws of the countries within which it operates with a view to maximizing value on a sustainable basis for its shareholders. Any tax planning undertaken will have commercial and economic substance and will have regard to the potential impact on its reputation and broader goals. The Group will not undertake planning that is contrived or artificial.

Risk Management

Given the scale of business and volume of tax obligations, risks will inevitably arise from time to time in relation to the interpretation of tax laws. The Group proactively seeks to identify, evaluate, manage and monitor these risks to ensure they remain in line with the Group’s risk appetite. Where there is significant uncertainty or complexity in relation to a risk, professional advice will be sought.

Relationship with Tax Authorities

The Group engages with tax authorities, including but not limited to HMRC, with honesty, integrity, respect and fairness and in a spirit of co-operative compliance. The Group will respond to information requests in a timely manner and to ensure full disclosure of relevant information. For any disputed matters, the Group will seek to resolve them through pro-active and transparent discussion and negotiation with the competent tax authorities.

This document will be reviewed from time to time.